“ Children can
become frozen in the mourning process. ”

How do we help grieving kids and teens?

Our professional bereavement team is comprised primarily of master's prepared social workers trained specifically in pediatric and family bereavement, crisis response, and traumatic grief. Their high level of specialized training and experience puts our bereavement counselors in a unique position to access needs, provide effective interventions, and engage community partners in supporting children through their grieving.

We focus on counseling, crisis response, community education, resources, and referrals.

Our methods of engagement include expressive arts, sensory motor processing, trauma resolution and family-based resilience.

We also have an award-winning program named "Wave Riders", where kids and teens work together in small groups to "ride the waves of grief" and work towards healing and growth.

Community Hospice also offers Camp Erin, a weekend camp for grieving children ages 6 through 17. This program introduces bereavement support in a traditional camp environment.

We also offer crisis intervention, where the Community Hospice bereavement team works with schools to assist students following a death and/or before an anticipated death.

Whom do we help?

We don’t just serve those who’ve used our Hospice program for a loved one. We’re here for all children and teens, no matter where or how their family member died.

What are the results?

The benefits of our bereavement services are lifelong. These programs ultimately strengthen communities and society, stabilize families during difficult times, and support schools and neighborhoods in crisis.

Pediatric bereavement services are an effective intervention with at-risk youth, reducing the incidence of gun violence and the likelihood that children and teens will engage in criminal behavior.